Islamic Finance Lawyers

Financing your ambitions on your terms

In a changing world, we know the growing importance that Islamic finance plays in the global economy.

When sourcing finance for personal or corporate ventures in the UK and overseas, we understand that the way finance is structured really matters to you. When investing your own money too, you need to know that the financier you are dealing with has applied the principles of Sharia law, which are built on fairness and transparency.

Through our network of local firms across the globe, including in the Middle East, we offer seamless and coordinated legal services to the Muslim world on a truly international scale.

We make sure finance is delivered on your terms.

Our approach to Shariah-compliant finance

The Islamic finance lawyers at Shakespeare Martineau act for some of the largest banks across the Muslim world including the Gulf Cooperation Council States (GCC). With approximately 2.8 million Muslims in Britain, understanding the principles of Islamic finance facilities has never been more important to our economy and our society.

Many followers of Islam expect their financial arrangements, regardless of whether they are linked to their personal or business goals, to be conducted in a way that is sympathetic with their faith. In the past, the opportunity to do this was quite restricted in the UK. Now almost every bank, alternative finance provider and corporate can provide facilities or conduct transactions in full compliance with Sharia law.

Our dedicated team of Islamic law specialists is backed by more than a decade’s worth of experience advising banks, funds and corporates on how to structure and manage financial transactions and arrangements. We also help individuals to realise their ambitions by buying commercial or residential property in the UK and overseas or making other planned investments.

We share your dream that British Muslims should have access to efficient and well-managed Islamic finance facilities wherever and whenever they are needed.

About our Islamic finance expertise

Our Islamic finance solicitors have more than 10 years of experience advising lenders, corporates and individuals on how to apply the principles of Sharia law to all kinds of transactions – from property acquisitions to development finance and other planned investments. We provide seamless support to banks, alternative lenders and other corporates, ensuring their Islamic finance facilities meet the needs of their customers.

We offer technical knowledge of UK law in conventional and Islamic finance transactions combined with an in-depth understanding of the principles of Sharia. As such, we are uniquely positioned to truly understand your aspirations and deliver results. We can provide Islamic property law expertise and support for your individual beliefs.

Working with you

For us, it is vital to make sure finance is delivered on your terms, whenever and wherever it is needed. Your beliefs are important, and this is what motivates us to ensure the support you need is delivered efficiently and sympathetically.

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