Wednesday, 28 June 2023

Housing 2023

The Midland Hotel, Manchester

Ahead of the release of our next white paper, we held a roundtable at Housing 2023 where 22 experts from across the social housing sector joined forces to discuss retrofitting. The event included panellists from across private, not-for-profit and charitable housing, as well as architects, academics, and legal and finance experts.

In the hopes of providing a unique tenant perspective that has not been captured before, we conducted new research into the attitudes, understanding and behaviour of social housing tenants towards energy-saving technology and retrofitting. We shared the key findings of our research – carried out in partnership with social housing providers – during the roundtable and engaged in a discussion about how we achieve all-important buy-in from tenants for retrofit programmes.

As part of the event, we captured the ideas and innovations from specialists about how we can create workable solutions that enable successful retrofit programme and better collaborate as an industry.

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Key Thoughts From The Participants

Net zero carbon project surveyor, Orbit

Content and editorial director, Unlock Net Zero

CEO, Tin Ventures

Head of sustainability policy and relationships, Sanctuary

Director, AccessiblePRS

Managing director, Seddon Construction Ltd

Senior lecturer in social policy and housing, University of Sterling

Managing director, Yeoman & Owen Estate Agents

Executive director of finance and growth, Midland Heart

CEO, Switchee

Sustainability lead, WHG

Head of sustainability, Southern Housing

CEO, Agile Property & Homes

Head of building communities, Shakespeare Martineau

Head of social housing development, Shakespeare Martineau

Social housing partner, Shakespeare Martineau

Social housing partner, Shakespeare Martineau

Principal architect, Marrons

Construction associate, Shakespeare Martineau

Partner at Shakespeare Martineau

Gemma Brookes
Climate adaptation

“We need to be dynamic in our approach to decarbonisation, keeping an eye on fuel costs and technology. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; what works for one customer or building might not work for another. At the moment, as a sector, we’re trying to mitigate climate change, but we need to also focus on climate adaptation too. Some of our most energy-efficient homes might become some of our most inefficient homes in the future as our summers get warmer and our reliance on mechanical cooling increases. Should shading be included within funding opportunities, for example?”

Andrew Cameron-Smith
Alex Cole
Rebecca Craig
Guy Harris
Peter Jackson
Dr Vikki McCall
Matthew Owen
Joe Reeves
Tom Robins
Jo Shields
Kara Tomes-Meek
Craig White
Louise Drew
Joanne Lee-Mills
Natalie Owen
Emma Smith-Gamble
Chloe Willis
Laura Taylor
Jon Coane