Children will soon be breaking up for the summer holidays and if you are recently separated, the prospect of dealing with child arrangements can be daunting. Family law specialist Stephanie Kyriacou gives her top tips on navigating this challenging time:

1) The children’s welfare and best interests should be the main priority for you both. Work together to try and come up with a plan which makes the children as happy, comfortable and as stable as possible.

2) Do plan ahead. Ideally, the summer holiday arrangements should have been discussed with your ex-partner months prior and we recommend initiating these conversations in April/May at the very latest.

3) Planning a trip abroad? Get written consent first from the other parent with parental responsibility before you purchase any holidays/flights, this could save you thousands of pounds in wasted costs! See our blog here for further details.

4) Ensure any agreement with your ex contains sufficient detail to limit the possibility of conflict and confusion. For example, clearly state the location where handovers will be taking place and set out the times for collection and drop off.

5) Each family is different so try not to compare your arrangements with others. Some families are able to share the school summer holidays 50:50 but this arrangement may not work for others. Unless particular circumstances prevent this from being possible or safeguarding concerns, it is generally reasonable for children to spend at least one or two consecutive weeks with each parent.

If you are able to reach a suitable parenting plan with your ex-partner, there is absolutely no need for the court or lawyers to get involved. However, in the unfortunate scenario where you cannot agree on matters, it is advisable to seek legal advice from a family law specialist.

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Published: 26th June 2023
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