Published: 13th September 2023
Area: Social Housing

If registered providers (RPs) are going to meet 2050 net zero targets, engaging the hearts and minds of social housing tenants will be crucial in the retrofit process.

Our hypothesis is that tenants want energy-saving updates to their homes, but are unsure about the process and technology, so we conducted what we believe to be the largest national tenant survey about energy-saving technology.

Key Findings


Of tenants want to know more about how retrofit changes would affect their home


Of tenants want to be more involved in the process of making their home more energy efficient

The biggest concerns from tenants are: the works not happening fast enough, not understanding the process and not understanding what works will be done.

In the report, we uncover which technology is most sought-after by tenants, their understanding of how it works, and what impact it will have on their homes and lives.

We also discover what’s holding the sector back, following a roundtable discussion among private, not-for-profit and charitable housing professionals, as well as architects, academics, and legal and finance experts.

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