About This Webinar

13 October 2022 | 09:30 - 10:15

For many registered providers, there is an immediate need to improve the operating efficiency of their business, maximise existing assets and ensure they are as flexible and agile as possible to both create, and capitalise on, opportunities to deliver. With continuing pressure to tackle the social housing shortage, VAT is an issue in large scale developments that housing associations cannot ignore.

In the next instalement of our social housing webinar series regarding the development of affordable housing on larger sites will look at a general recap on VAT compliance, and what strategies might be implemented to mitigate liability.

In this live webinar, Joanna Lee-Mills, Partner and Head of Social Housing Development at Shakespeare Martineau talks to Terri Bruce, Partner VAT and Customs at Dains to explore the considerations surrounding VAT planning on larger scale developments.

Key Topics Covered
  • Are your VAT processes efficient and compliant?

  • VAT liability on both income and construction.

  • Common VAT issues encountered and strategies to mitigate the cost of VAT.

Who Should Attend

Social housing registered providers.

How We Can Help

Social Housing

Navigating the complex landscape of providing housing that benefits both residents and landlords presents a significant challenge.  With a team of experts possessing extensive knowledge in social housing, residential and commercial development, planning and construction, as well as expertise in housing management, employment, finance, funding, corporate, and commercial law, we are committed to assembling a dedicated advisory team for you. Our goal is to support you in achieving your objectives and addressing the current supply shortage.

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