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Tuesday 3 October 2023 | 09:00 - 13:00

A good Board can make a massive difference to an organisation.  In an increasingly challenging and changing environment, good governance and effective Boards have never been more important.  Understanding your role as an individual Board Member and how you can contribute most effectively will enable your Board to lead from the front, drive strategy and growth and identify and minimise risk.

Aimed at newly appointed Board Members or those seeking a bit of a refresher, this more practical session will cover the following:

  • understanding your organisation’s legal structure and constitution;
  • Board Member duties and responsibilities;
  • managing conflicts of interest;
  • effective decision making and collective responsibility;
  • delegation and powers of attorney;
  • role of the Board, Committees and Chair; and
  • impactful Board meeting participation.

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Location: Seminar Room, Shakespeare Martineau, No 1 Colmore Square, Birmingham.

Key Topics Covered
  • Understanding your role

  • Effective contributions

  • Driving strategy and growth

Who Should Attend

Aimed at Housing Association Boards, great for newly appointed Board Members as part of their induction training along with Board Members wanting a bit of a refresher. Also useful for executive officers who attend Board Meetings.

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