About This Webinar

09 November 2022 | 16:00 - 16:45

In this next instalment of our social housing webinar series regarding the development of affordable housing on larger sites we looked some of the typical legal planning considerations a registered provider should look out for when looking to purchase s.106 affordable units or acquire land to develop on.

In this live webinar, Joanna Lee-Mills, Partner and Head of Social Housing Development was joined by Anna Cartledge, Partner in our Legal Planning department to discuss the planning process (including appeals and judicial review), key s.106 provisions and the impact of deviation from standard wording, CIL liability and Biodiversity Net Gain obligations.

Key Topics Covered
  • the legal planning process, appeals and judicial review

  • s.106 agreements and CIL plus biodiversity net gain obligations; and

  • practical tips, mitigation and the use of planning indemnities

Who Should Attend

Social housing registered providers

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Social Housing

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