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18 August 2022 | 16:45 - 17:45

By 2030, all social homes will need to have a minimum EPC C rating.

The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) has allocated £800 million to support the government-set target, which is designed to upgrade a significant amount of the current social housing stock.

In order to ensure those entitled receive the maximum share of the pot, strategic leaders within local authorities and housing associations will need to underpin the financial and resourcing requirements of their operational teams to deliver their plans for social housing retrofitting.

However, how do councils, housing providers, and suppliers and installers work collaboratively and cohesively to secure their share of the fund when the bidding window opens in early September 2022?

In this partnership event, Shakespeare Martineau and Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator (SHRA) will focus on the Midlands region as an example of how it can prepare for its retrofit journey. Selvin Brown MBE, Director of Decarbonisation of Domestic Buildings will open the session with a call to arms to raise ambition and ensure the region gets its fair share of the £800m SHDF Wave 2.1 match-funding in the upcoming bid window.

Also speaking will be Rebecca Harlow, Retrofit Director, 3 Cities; Wayne Bexton, SRO for the Midlands Energy Hub; Sarah Daly Associate Director, Sustainability of Turner and Townsend who will talk about the support SHRA can offer and the opportunity for regional growth and reducing exposure to fuel poverty; and Sushma Maharaj, renewable energy specialist at Shakespeare Martineau who will outline low carbon options.

Key Topics Covered
  • How the Midlands can maximise any bids for SHDF funding under the new guidance;

  • Low carbon energy solutions for an energy-secure, net zero future; and

  • The challenges to scaling up the ambition for retrofitting.

Who Should Attend

Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Finance Directors, Development Directors and Sustainability Officers from social housing providers

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