Regulatory Solutions

Statutory compliance can be onerous but it’s a necessity for business continuity

When a business faces intervention from an enforcing authority it is usually because something serious has happened and business continuity may be at risk as a result. Clear thinking and prompt action are needed to turn the situation around.

Regardless of how your business makes money, it must comply with the relevant statutory regulations. Just keeping track of this legislation is onerous, but businesses must also be able to demonstrate their compliance and make sure they have the right policies and procedures in place.

If the worst happens and a regulatory authority gets in touch, it may be warning you of plans to change the operating provisions of the business or revoke its licence. This could mean that the business can no longer operate and is forced to close. You need to act quickly, with the support of a legal team that knows how to influence outcomes in your favour and takes a solutions-based approach.

  • Our experienced team advises businesses in relation to all kinds of interventions made by many regulatory authorities including the Financial Conduct Authority, Environment Agency, Gambling Commission, Pensions Regulator, Food Standards Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Local Authorities, Care Quality Commission, Ofgem, Ofcom and many more
  • We are experienced in dealing with Licence Applications and Reviews across a wide range of scenarios which involve landowners and businesses alike

Our approach
We will provide timely, informed and pragmatic advice at every opportunity. If the regulatory authority is intending to change your operating provisions or revoke your licence, you need to act promptly and decisively.

How we work with you
If your business is facing changes that could force its closure or which would limit its operation, it is imperative that that you receive sound advice at the earliest possible opportunity. We draw on our extensive knowledge of how regulatory bodies operate to protect your business interests and secure the best possible outcome

We will always robustly protect your interests.

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