Asset Finance Lawyers

Structuring agreements that work for everyone

Asset Finance Solicitors

Any form of lending carries a degree of risk and having the right agreements in place to protect the classes of assets you’re lending against is crucial.

Our asset finance lawyers understand what funders and customers are looking for in their agreements and use this to ensure that the contracts you put in place protect you comprehensively. With a detailed grasp of the legal intricacies of commercial finance, we can help you to offer attractive funding options whilst mitigating any potential risk to your cash flow.

Particularly during times of increasing uncertainty, it’s vital to have the support of a legal team that appreciates the nuances of the major asset classes involved when lending. Above all, your law firm should combine technical and commercial knowledge with an innovative approach to asset finance, offering the know-how to develop financing structures that address complex needs.

Why choose Shakespeare Martineau?

Working extensively in the automotive, contract hire and leasing sectors, the depth and breadth of our team’s experience and in-depth industry knowledge means we can support you through the whole process, from setting up the agreements, right up to recovering funds, if necessary.

Our marketplace knowledge is fed directly into your finance teams, equipping them with commercial insights, innovative solutions and outside-the-box thinking.

There are plenty of other reasons to choose us as your asset finance solicitors:

  • Drafting watertight asset finance documents and receivables financing agreements is essential in protecting the assets you’re lending against. Our team has a keen eye for detail. They will identify specific classes of assets straight away and ensure you have the protection in place to safeguard assets and guard against loss of capital

  • In complex transactions, dealing with priority issues can be challenging, especially with different lenders overseeing different asset classes. Ensuring that you are securing the right classes of assets, particularly if the borrowing company is experiencing financial difficulties, is crucial. Our experts are able to help structure asset class priority agreements from the outset and make sure all lenders know where they stand in the event that things take a turn for the worse

  • Asset finance is underpinned by a significant number of other commercial agreements. Being able to draw on the expertise of our wider corporate and litigation team means that we always have experts available to assist with a broad spectrum of contractual arrangements or wider lending options. From regulatory issues, dealing with FCA-related matters including business conduct and underlying policies, right through to litigation, insolvency and debt recovery

"We see ourselves as an extension of the funders that we are working with. We're keen to ensure that the funder's ultimate customer has a positive experience that cements their ongoing relationship"
Naomi Tudor

The way we help you

Our asset finance lawyers combine in-depth sector expertise with comprehensive knowledge of the banking and finance sector to ensure that you receive solutions that are logical, straightforward and perfectly matched with your commercial goals.

We listen carefully to your business needs and act for you in a way that ensures we handle all matters of commercial, constitutional and reputational risk as an extended arm of your organisation. We’re passionate about what we do and strive to achieve only the best results, earning us a reputation as the go-to firm for complex lending and leasing cases.

Your journey through the legal process

Not everyone is aware of how the process of engaging asset finance lawyers works, so we’ve provided an overview below to give you complete peace of mind:

  1. Once you’ve got in touch using the button below, you’ll be assigned to a member of our litigation and dispute resolution team.

  2. We will call you within one hour to gain further details about your lending situation and the assets in consideration.

  3. Should you then decide that you wish to use our services, you’ll receive a breakdown of all our costs and a pack of onboarding documents.

  4. After that, we will work with you to ensure the financial wellbeing of your organisation is protected throughout the lending process.