Commercial Contracts Lawyers

Minimising your risks and maximising the value of commercial contracts

Commercial contracts will underpin many of your trade arrangements with other businesses and jurisdictions on a domestic and international level.

No matter whether focused on the sales, supply or purchase of goods and services, ensuring your contracts are watertight is vital in ensuring the viability of your business, and ultimately, amplifying your profits.

Your commercial contracts should be supporting your business ambitions, not working against them. In order to minimise your risks and maximise the value of investments, your IP rights, distribution agreements and procurement contracts to name but a few, should be handled and structured with care.

Failing to have the right agreements in place can have significant financial and reputational implications should matters turn sour. But with us by your side, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

  • When looking to supply or purchase goods and service, ensuring you’re operating under favorable terms can make or break a business relationship, this includes your UK and overseas partnerships Our advisers are well versed in the technicalities of commercial contract law and can support you with the preparation of your contracts. On the other hand, we can also review and advise in relation to the contracts that you are presented, to ensure you’re not signing up to unrealistic terms
  • Understanding and choosing a channel to market approach can be a defining point in a business’ lifecycle. Decisions are often made based on the products and network that you have at your disposal, however with our commercial team in your corner, a wealth of possibilities can become clear. We help to broaden your options, advise on the most suitable choice based on your priorities and help you document each stage of your commercial venture with confidence and conviction. From which networks and distribution methods to use, through to how to establish a franchise model
  • Commercially exploiting your IP assets can support your financial goals no end. We identify which areas hold the most value to your business, advise you on your rights and help you to secure appropriate IP protection and licensing agreements. From identifying new revenue streams to pursue, to structuring licenses or advising on how to bring them to a close, our team provides practical advice to both those seeking to benefit from the sale or the purchase of IP and licensing rights across multiple jurisdictions

Our service
Regardless of whether you’re a self-standing entrepreneur, an owner or procurement lead at a large privately-held business or public sector body, your commercial contracts can have a direct impact on your domestic and international risk profile and your likely returns.

When it comes to commercial contracts, we’ve been making the lives of our clients easier for many years. From working across varied industry sectors and borders including education, manufacturing and engineering, transport, healthcare, technology and media, we’re able to overlay the legalities with genuine insight into the environments that you operate in – in this country and further afield.

From contracts relating to the supply and sale of goods, distribution agreements, equipment leasing and maintenance, through channel to market preparation and commercial property challenges, our team can help.

How we work with you
We know you want workable solutions to your challenges, so we cut the legal jargon and keep our advice pragmatic, relevant and solution-driven.

We provide you with the tools you need to make better business decisions. We uncover areas of potential liability or opportunity and provide you with actionable advice that will drive your commercial ambitions forward with conviction.

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