Competition Lawyers

Serious about protecting your competitive advantage

Ensuring that your business practices aren’t in breach of competition laws is essential to success.

Failing to comply could see the competition authorities take serious action – including fines and even criminal prosecutions.

The complexities and intricacies of these rules see public and private sector businesses calling out for advice on the commercial limitations that are governed by the UK and EU competition laws. We support manufacturers, suppliers, franchisees and distributors to review any terms and restrictions related to selling goods on a national and international stage.

From joint ventures and distribution agreements and associated supply chain matters, through to advising on grants and state aid matters, we make it our business to protect yours.

  • Competition laws can be technical and complex, but we help businesses speak the authorities’ language. From knowing the intricacies of UK and EU competition regulation, we ensure you know how to stay compliant, or how to efficiently rectify mistakes if you find yourself in breach or on the receiving end of a dispute. Our team supports fast-track competition claims to help protect your revenue by keeping costs down, aiding swift decisions and ensuring your plans are not stifled
  • Reviewing your domestic and global supply chains for anti-competitive agreements and potential for abuse of a dominant position is fundamental, particularly if a joint venture is involved. We can help you review contracts with your entire supplier network, as well as implement a culture of compliance that runs through the make-up of your business and wider stakeholders
  • Where public money is used as part of a project or to support an operator or a transaction, the rules on how those funds can be used or provided are strict, in order to prevent subsidies from distorting the market. Seeking pragmatic and practical advice on the compliance issues will ensure projects aren’t delayed and those funds aren’t unlawfully granted and later have to be recovered

Our service
Whether you’re a company being investigated by a competition regulator, a business challenging unfair anti-competitive behaviour from your competitors or a public sector organisation looking at state aid requirements, our tenacious team will help you to progress your plans.

From compliance advice, state aid and public procurement, to joint ventures, cartels and regulatory compliance, understanding what is required from you and when, goes a long way to supporting your growth ambitions, on the right side of the competition authorities, no matter whether focused on the UK or international markets.

How we work with you
We work with you to gain a real grasp of your broader commercial objectives and provide advice on whether your plans – now and in the future – could draw unwanted attention from the competition authorities.

Although the legal parts are important, understanding your drivers and reviewing areas where you could be at risk of a breach will help to shape your future strategy with fewer setbacks.

In fact, turning the law on its head and using it to your advantage can help facilitate open and dynamic trading with far more opportunities.

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