Banking Litigation

Minimising your risk exposure and maximising returns
At a time when markets are showing signs of volatility, the risk exposure to banks and other financial institutions and their customers may increase significantly, meaning you may need to act promptly to protect your shareholders’ interests.

Our banking litigation team has a wealth of experience in advising banks, other financial institutions and sometimes their customers or investors, in disputes arising in connection with loans and other financial arrangements.

We start by asking you what you want to achieve before advising you of your options and what to do next. Our understanding of the banking sector, combined with our experience in handling a wide range of banking and finance disputes, means we can help you to secure the best possible outcome.

Instead of rushing to litigate, we believe it is important to talk through a range of options; helping you to decide on the course of action which is most likely to deliver the best return on your investment and protect shareholder value. This could include early mediation, expert determination or adjudication, where needed, as well as arbitration.

- If there is a breach of an agreement, such as a breach of covenant you may need to take action to recover funds and reduce your risk exposure. Our experience of taking swift action, including freezing and/or search and seizure orders, as well as other types of recoveries and enforcement actions means we can help you to achieve your goals. We work closely with other professionals, such as receivers and forensic accountants, to enable the best outcome for you.

- Our team is experienced in advising banks, other financial institutions and sometimes their customers or investors, in relation to a full range of regulatory compliance issues and investigations. Acting for a number of high street and other financial institutions, we have experience of handling a wide range of compliance issues involving the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

- Our breadth of expertise in banking litigation services means we can also advise you in relation to many types of disputes arising from contracts with customers or other financial arrangements. This may cover areas such as mis-selling allegations or situations where loan-to-value covenants are breached as well as misrepresentation and investor disputes

Our service
We deliver start-to-finish litigation. Once we understand your aims, we advise you how to achieve the best possible outcome. Our goal is always to minimise your risk exposure and maximise your returns.

How we work with you
We work closely with you to minimise risk and protect shareholder value. More than just providers of litigation services, we have an in-depth knowledge of the banking and financial services sectors, which enables us to give you the very best advice and support no matter what the challenge.