In-house Counsel Training Programme – London

In-house Counsel Training Programme – London

Cyber security – threat actors and the dark web – the affect of the dark web on businesses and how crypto currency is being used extensively to monetise criminal activity

Fessing up – reporting a data breach – what it means to commit a personal data breach and the thresholds for reporting to the ICO and to the victim of the breach

Boilerplate clauses – why different boilerplate clauses are included in contracts, what effect they have on a contract’s operation or to the rights and obligations of the parties, and common drafting pitfalls

Legal privilege –  what is privilege, how to preserve it so businesses are protected when disclosing critical documentation, and if waiving privilege is considered appropriate, how this can be best managed

In-house counsel – the advisor, confidant and influencer – how can in-house counsel add value to their organisation whilst juggling legal operations, project management and rationalising on time, resource and budgets

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There is no cost for attending this event, but places are limited to two attendees from each organisation and advance booking is required.

For information about our In-house Counsel Training Programme, please contact our Marketing Events Manger, Daljit Flora.


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