Reclaiming overseas debt – University of Warwick

Reclaiming overseas debt – University of Warwick

The firm has been assisting the institution with their recovery of former student debts. These are primarily related to tuition and accommodation fees but also include sundry debits such nursery or library expenses.

As it is such a high profile university a significant number of its claims are against overseas students who have returned to their native countries without paying. If our letter of claim has not produced results, this involves us instructing and liaising with trusted foreign agents, usually through our Multilaw network, and reporting back to our client on progress throughout.

We are especially mindful of the element of vulnerability, financial and otherwise, of our client’s customers. Recovery is frequently through long-term instalment arrangements. We are fully compliant with the new pre-action protocol for debt, which came into force in October 2017, and its strict and robust requirements, such as more detailed letters of claim including sending financial statement forms to complete.

The value our work brings is significant given the particular pressures universities are facing around issues such as funding, regulation and the impact of Brexit.

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