Restrictive Covenant Disputes

People are at the heart of any business and form an important resource which needs protecting. But when employees move on, it is important to have the necessary protection in place to ensure that there are no adverse effects caused by their departure.

 An employee attempting to divert customers, poach staff or set up a rival business in competition are all likely to be covered by restrictive covenants within their employment contract and you may be entitled to obtain damages for any business already lost by their actions.

We have an impressive reputation for dealing with such issues and to ensure our clients remain protected we always have a clear strategy at the heart of everything we do.

Once we understand your commercial objectives, we will guide you through the process of how to gather supporting evidence for your case in order to advance your position and recover any damages.

We recognise that commencing litigation in haste may not be the best solution when an open dialogue or alternative dispute resolution methods could provide a quicker and more favourable solution.

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