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06 December 2018
Welcome to our latest employment brief.
23 July 2018
Employment update
In a significant judgment in Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson, the Court of Appeal considered whether carers who sleep at a client's home, technically being on-call, are entitled to the minimum wage while they are asleep.
21 June 2018
World cup 2018
With the World Cup in full swing, it’s likely that most avid football supporters will have already booked time off work to spectate. However, the fact that many matches begin during working hours may only just be dawning on less-passionate supporters.
14 June 2018
Employment update
The Supreme Court has issued its eagerly anticipated judgment in Pimlico Plumbers Ltd and anor v Smith.
24 May 2018
Welcome to our latest employment brief.
30 April 2018
Person writing letter
Where a contract is silent on when notice is deemed to be given when does an employer’s notice to terminate an employee’s contract become effective?
19 April 2018
people standing in different outfits
The Government has recently named and shamed a significant number of employers for underpaying workers a total of £1.1 million. One of the issues concerned employers deducting money from pay for uniforms.
26 March 2018
Employment update
In Really Easy Car Credit Ltd v Thompson, an employee was dismissed during her probationary period because her employer was unhappy with her performance and conduct. The decision to dismiss her was reached before it knew she was pregnant. However, the employee claimed that she was dismissed because she was pregnant, and that her employer had lied about when it had made its decision to give the impression it had nothing to do with her pregnancy.
15 March 2018
Gender pay gap
Events over the past year, such as the BBC’s publication of salaries paid to their top stars and the more recent sexual harassment scandals, have highlighted the inequality which female workers suffer in comparison to their male counterparts.
07 February 2018
Contract and pen
The Government has issued its response to the Matthew Taylor review of modern working practices and it fails to provide clarity on the big issue of worker status and the difficulties arising out of changes in working practices.
07 February 2018
Commenting on the Government’s latest response to the Taylor Review, Michael Hibbs, head of employment law
29 January 2018
Dictionary entry for discrimination
An employee returned to work after almost a year off, but refused to do any actual work after his employer proposed he would not return to his full role immediately, raising a grievance claiming discrimination.
22 January 2018
Employment Brief - January 2018
Welcome to our latest employment brief!
15 November 2017
Following the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year to revoke employment tribunal fees, business owners in the West Midlands expect to see an increase in claims, according to new research from law firm Shakespeare Martineau.
10 November 2017
Line of cars
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has agreed with the Employment Tribunal’s ruling that Uber drivers are workers, and so benefit from all associated rights.
23 October 2017
Employment update
Do employers have a claim to property in emails or the contents of emails sent by employees from the employer’s email accounts?
16 October 2017
Calculator and the word tax
On 30 September 2017, two new offences, under the Criminal Finances Act 2017, came into force.
28 September 2017
Vaping in the workplace
How should businesses deal with vaping in the workplace?
22 August 2017
Whenever an employee is suspected of having committed a disciplinary breach, there needs to be an initial investigatory process before any formal disciplinary proceedings are commenced.
28 July 2017
In May we reported on the Employment Appeal Tribunal decision that where a care worker was doing time/salaried work, even if they are asleep, they are working.
26 July 2017
In a landmark ruling over employee’s access to justice, the Supreme Court has ruled that tribunal fees are unlawful.
21 July 2017
We look at the Good Work Review and examine the proposals relating specifically to worker status.
18 July 2017
What you should do if you are being bullied at work
Anyone who thinks they are being bullied or harassed at work should look to take steps to resolve matters informally, if they feel that they can.
10 July 2017
Carry over of untaken holiday
Can workers carry over holiday entitlement to the following holiday year if they are prevented from taking it because the employer will not pay them for any holiday they take?
29 June 2017
Privacy Reigns – The New Data Protection Regime
The most significant development in data protection law for many years, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into force in May 2016 and must be implemented by organisations by 25 May 2018.
15 June 2017
Father and baby
The Employment Tribunal has held that a male employee was entitled to the same amount of pay as a woman on maternity leave when exercising his right to shared parental leave.
10 May 2017
Welcome to our latest Employment Brief!
02 May 2017
Do sleep-in shifts count as “time work”
The EAT has considered whether night shift workers who sleep in, in order to carry out duties if required, engage in “time work” for the duration of the shifts.
21 April 2017
Workplace dresscode
Commenting on the Government’s rejection to ban women from wearing high heels, Phil Pepper, employment lawyer
07 April 2017
Discrimination definition in the dictionary
Our head of employment Mike Hibbs gives his view on today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Essop V Home Office case.
31 March 2017
Workplace dresscode
Workplace dress codes are in the public eye following a series of recent highly publicised cases.
16 March 2017
Broken chain
The Act introduces modernising reforms with the aim of bringing an end to “disruptive and undemocratic strike action”.
14 March 2017
Our head of employment, Michael Hibbs, gives his views on Asda’s new flexible contract and tells us what it could mean for businesses and the retail industry.
15 February 2017
Gender pay gap
With less than two months to go until April 5 2017 when the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulation 2016 come into force, a recent Xpert HR survey found that “employers have a limited idea of what they will do ...”
16 December 2016
Welcome to our latest Employment Brief!
18 June 2015
London is braced for the worst tube disruption in a decade next month if tube workers and their Unions decide to go ahead with planned strike action.

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