Modern Slavery Act Statements

In an attempt to combat the ongoing exploitation of vulnerable people in our society, the Government has recently introduced the Modern Slavery Act.

The legislation places an onus on organisations with a turnover of £36 million or more to not only ensure their business and supply chains are slavery free, but to publish a statement each year confirming the steps they have taken to ensure this is the case.

Although failure to publish a statement won’t lead to criminal sanctions, your organisation could be compelled to publish such a statement, and if you haven’t taken any steps to ensure your business and supply chains are slavery free, there is a significant risk of reputational damage.

Modern slavery
We help clients risk assess their businesses to cover standard terms of trading and other contractual arrangements with suppliers.

We proactively audit current supply chains with a view to introducing a Code of Practice to present to suppliers, along with policies to prevent, detect and eradicate slavery.

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