Global Connections

Our clients are increasingly seeking cross-border opportunities and our international teams see beyond the complexity this can bring.

 With insights into the differences businesses may face in overseas markets, we offer legal advice alongside business solutions.

Long-established links with law firms proven in action across the world through membership of selected networks connect you to global partners. Ensuring you perform at the highest levels in new markets.

We’ve a physical presence in Brussels ensuring we’re at the heart of developing policy and change.

Our networks:


 Members of Multilaw, a leading global network of independent law firms

Our membership of Multilaw means we have on-the-ground representation overseas for our clients, overcoming social, cultural and language barriers with ease.

Members of the International Bar Association

Members of the International Trademark Association

Members of American Intellectual Property Law Association

Members of the Associated European Energy Consultants

Members of State Law Resources

"We're excited about working with Shakespeare Martineau to show
how integral teamwork is in both sporting and business
environments. We also share similar beliefs when it comes to
fostering upcoming talent."

Paul Blanchard, Chief Executive, Commonwealth Games England