Spring 2022 Consumer Finance Update

Eddie Flanagan discusses the latest updates from the consumer finance world
Published: 17th June 2022
Area: For the individual

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Now is a key time for both consumer protection and the effective use of regulatory bodies to protect everyday consumers

Key factors affecting consumers

  • Amid the cost of living crisis, and the surges in energy bills, what do we know about the impact on consumer financial behaviour?

  • What can consumers expect in the upcoming months?

  • How can consumers prepare for further forced tightening of their own and lenders purse strings?

Klarna is Reporting Consumer Activity to Credit Bureaus

What seemed to be a light touch and easily accessible form of finance could prove to have more negative long term effects on perceived credit worthiness. From 1st June 2022, FinTech organisation Klarna started reporting customer data to credit bureaus in the United Kingdom. This move was in preparation for BNPL sector regulations that will come into force shortly to try and quell the amount of debt owned by younger consumers. With 16 million people using Klarna within the UK, with options to pay in 30 days or split the payments into three, there is a perception that this is fuelling unaffordable spending and that regulatory intervention is now due.

TransUnion and Experian are two of the bureaus that are receiving Klarna’s data. This then influences individuals’ credit reports, and could have unforeseen consequences on the likes of mortgage applications.
Ryan Browne, writer for CNBC, says: “BNPL companies face a reckoning in the U.K. and other countries, as regulators look to crack down on such services amid worries they are encouraging consumers — Gen Z and millennials, in particular — to spend more than they can afford” (CNBC).

However, these regulatory interventions may leave unexpected adverse credit foot prints. This raises the question that the lead time for same should have been extended.

Credit Card Debt on the Rise amid Cost of Living Crisis

According to a report by Creditspring, the UK is forecasted to borrow a further £9bn on credit cards within the next six months, due to the cost of living crisis.

Bank of England figures give a breakdown of how lending currently looks:

  • UK individuals currently borrowing £1.5bn every month on credit cards;

  • This will increase by 18% to £68.9bn;

  • Monthly debt repayments have increased by 9% YoY;

  • Total balance of unsecured loans has increased by 13% YoY.

27% of UK households are feeling “financially unstable” due to rising costs. Only 10% felt this way during the pandemic, which speaks volumes about the worrying state the UK’s economy. Theodora Hadjimichael, the CE of Responsible Finance, says “Any one of the cost of living crisis, recovering from the financial impact of the pandemic, or the explosion of unregulated Buy Now Pay Later products would have sent shockwaves through society. All three together are causing a seismic shift in the consumer credit market” (Credit-Connect).

Cost of Bills to Overtake Wages by 2024

According to Credit Strategy, a new report from Yorkshire Building Society and the Centre for Economics and Business Research has found that monthly outgoings could overtake incomes, by £100 a month in two years.

Younger generations looking to start on the property ladder could face increasing interest rates, and a potential need to dip into savings just to “get by”.

With the adverse effect of Covid, the unprecedented rise in fuel costs, together with inflation at such rates that is unknown to many, consumers we are now facing a perfect storm.

It has been noted that many consumers are now starting to challenge energy companies for hiking up their monthly instalments.

Regulatory measures must be applied effectively to ensure that consumers are protected. Transparency, fairness and the good behaviour of creditors is key to the resolution of financial issues in this time of considerable uncertainty.

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