Keeping the UK a competitive – and attractive – place to work

Keeping the UK a competitive – and attractive – place to work

It overturns part of former PM Theresa May’s restrictive immigration policies and will make it easier for foreign students to find long-term work once they’ve finished their studies.

This visa will apply to all international graduates, no matter the subject they studied, with the aim of increasing the number of talented individuals entering the UK workforce.

Tijen Ahmet, our business immigration specialist, shares her thoughts on the news:

“The return of the two-year post-study visa is a sign that the Government is taking the need for skilled workers seriously. It’s no surprise that this move has been welcomed across the board.

“Securing employment can be a challenging process for international graduates`, especially with the pressure of only having a few months to do so before being required to move home. Increasing the chances of finding a long-term job in the UK is sure to have a positive impact in a number of ways, including making UK universities more attractive to overseas students.

“The changes are also set to be beneficial for employers, widening the talent pool available – a necessity when it comes to plugging the Brexit skills gap. However, in order to successfully fill roles, businesses must begin marketing themselves to future graduates as soon as possible.”

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