It’s a time of growth for Marrons Planning with two new hires

It’s a time of growth for Marrons Planning with two new hires

Joining the Nottingham office as an associate director is David Pendle. An excellent addition to the six-strong team, David has more than 20 years’ experience in planning and has held senior positions at Charnwood Borough Council. During his time at the Council, he has been involved in the preparation and adoption of the Charnwood local plan, as well as supporting the production of plans at other East Midlands local authorities.

Leicester has also seen Sachin Parmar join as a senior planner. There is currently a great demand for planning and development guidance, and Sachin will be providing landowners and developers across the East Midlands and the UK with much-needed high-quality advice.

David Prichard, partner at Marrons Planning, said:

Marrons Planning is focusing on investing in both new and existing talent across the firm’s offices and David and Sachin are part of this. As well as being real assets to the Leicester and Nottingham teams, they are sure to be invaluable to the wider firm too.

“Progress cannot happen without the creation of a truly skilled and strong team. The diversity in experience and knowledge that our new colleagues offer will help us to continue providing our clients with the top-quality advice and support that many have come to associate with Marrons Planning.

“The planning system is constantly evolving, and now that planning and development is on the mind of many across the UK, it’s increasingly important that we can provide clients with the best advice possible.

“Building on the already outstanding work carried out by Marrons Planning, David and Sachin’s contributions will be of benefit to both us and our clients. I look forward to seeing them flourish.”