Good news for science, but what about other industries?

Good news for science, but what about other industries?

Currently, there is a cap of 2,000 people a year on the Tier One visas for highly skilled migrants. However, if the new system is put in place, this cap will be lifted. The Prime Minister also wishes to make the system easier for scientists and their families to live and work in the UK post-Brexit.

Tijen Ahmet, our business immigration specialist, explains why this grand gesture may not be enough:

“There has been a lot of concern amongst the scientific community about how post-Brexit immigration will affect UK scientific research, making Boris Johnson’s plans a great relief to many in the sector.

“In fact, the immigration situation appears much sunnier than before, with policies being proposed to abolish Theresa May’s net migration target alongside other positive steps.

“However, policy U-turns are not always helpful, especially for those businesses that are trying to plan for their post-Brexit workforce. The visa system is already a complex maze to navigate, so the lack of consistency and clarity is far from needed.

“Although encouraging news for scientists, these plans do not extend far enough. There are a whole host of industries and sectors that are facing the same worries surrounding talent recruitment and retention that have yet to be offered a solution. In order to avoid a recruitment disaster caused by tighter immigration controls, the Government must take further decisive, and positive, action.”