Getting our voices heard: CEO and CFO elected to CBI regional councils

Getting our voices heard: CEO and CFO elected to CBI regional councils

The two regional councils, along with 12 others around the country, consist of 500 senior business executives and around 400 member companies. By taking up positions on the councils, Sarah and Lesley will be able to directly voice the firm’s opinions on a variety of topics, from the CBI’s direction to issues facing the national and regional business communities.

From 1 January 2020, Sarah and Lesley will start their three-year terms, giving us the chance to positively influence the local and national policy landscape and represent the interests of the CBI’s 190,000 businesses, including our own.

Sarah Walker-Smith, CEO of Shakespeare Martineau, said: “We are undergoing a dramatic period of change and the business community needs to work together, unlocking the potential of the regions and their businesses, and pushing for success.

“Our people and our clients are at the core of everything we do at the firm and having the chance to represent their interests within the CBI, as well as at a regional and national government level, will be a great opportunity. We’re already arranging a series of events and roundtables to seek our clients’ input and find out exactly which issues and initiatives they’d like us raise and champion.”

Lesley Spencer, CFO of Shakespeare Martineau, said: “Although we are in individual roles, Sarah and I will be representing every single person in the firm, taking a collaborative approach to influence policy with positivity and passion.”

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