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Getting construction sites back on track after lockdown

Getting construction sites back on track after lockdown

Are you a developer reopening your site following lockdown? We’re here to help you get your sites back on track as quickly as possible.

With the added pressure of worldwide disruption to supply chains, getting sites going again is going to throw up some significant challenges you may not have faced before.

  • Suppliers: It is likely that developers will face long delays as suppliers further up the chain will struggle with manufacturing and sourcing building materials – there will be a long lead-in time to get their production re-started again.
  • Cash: It’s also likely that prices will spike as demand quickly rises and supply needs time to catch up.
  • People/workforce: you may face problems in getting employees back onto sites, and will need to meet requirements for social distancing when you do.

As you will likely have relationships, agreements and contracts in place with your supply chain already – the best thing you can do now is to consider your current position.

Are there barriers to re-opening your sites?

Tell us about them on a free 30-minute video call with our specialist team or register for our webinar where we will discuss the position with employment contracts and workforces, contracts and supply chains and a practical look at how you can get your site back up and running.

Things to consider

  • Talk through issues with experts in employment, construction and development as well as commercial law
  • Find out options available to enable you to get back into business as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimising the impact of any delays
  • Discover routes to protecting yourself against a turbulent market and unpredictable supply chain
  • Consider potential new risks following lockdown and how your sites and staff can be prepared for them

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Coronavirus resources
In response to COVID-19, we created our coronavirus hub which includes advice, guidance and insight to help you navigate through these uncertain times. As we all begin to adapt and prepare for the future, our hub will evolve to provide you with further help and resources for surviving, reviving and beginning to thrive in life and business, throughout the challenging times ahead.

We have launched our guide to recovery and resilience, helping to support businesses and individuals unlock their potential, navigate their way out of lockdown and make way for a brighter future. Further advice in relation to COVID-19 can be found on our dedicated coronavirus resource hub.

From inspirational SHMA Talks to informative webinars, we have lots of educational and entertaining content for life and business visit SHMA® ON DEMAND.

Want to get your construction site re-opened as quickly and as safely as possible?

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As the UK takes tentative steps towards an increase in economic activity and recovery, it is vital that businesses are prepared in every aspect. From financial considerations, employees, leadership and premises, to supply chain implications, health and safety and protecting your private wealth, our guide highlights what organisations and individuals should consider when moving from survival mode towards one where you recover and thrive.

We are here to help in your business and personal life - contact us today to find out more.

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