Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for Third-Party Solicitors

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for Third-Party Solicitors

Information for Third-Party Solicitors
FAO: The Compliance Office for Legal Practice

Date: 02 April 2020
Please Ask For: Richard Thorpe

Dear Third-Party Solicitors,


It is several weeks since Shakespeare Martineau commenced business continuity operations in light of the then growing threat from COVID-19. Since then we have all been ‘re-writing the rule book’ as these unprecedented circumstances evolve.

Shakespeare Martineau, including its specialist consumer and volume businesses Lime Solicitors and Corclaim, has an extensive litigation practice. COVID-19 has introduced challenges which we have met head-on. These are some of the actions we are taking:

  • All of our litigation teams can and are working remotely. All land-lines have been diverted to individuals’ mobile telephones; we are as connected by telephone as we have always been.
  • In extant (already issued and served) proceedings will accept service of documents by email to and cc’d to the email address(es) for the fee earner(s) who has been your regular contact(s) on cases.
  • We will conduct client and multi-party meetings via Zoom or other platforms.
  • Wherever possible will take part in court proceedings remotely.
  • We will exchange documents via password protected PDF, Mimecast or, if appropriate, one of our data room facilities.
  • We are working electronically and are only sending hard copy documents when we have no choice.
  • When sending electronic payments, we will telephone you to confirm your bank details.
  • We will work pragmatically with you to ensure directions can be met or, if needs be, varied by consent. We believe it is vital that we and our peers work maintains the public’s trust in our profession to ensure the justice system continues to operate.

Needless to say, we hope you will endeavour to correspond with us electronically and only send hard copy post when absolutely necessary.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Thorpe
General Counsel & COLP | Shakespeare Martineau

Continuity and service
We do not foresee any disruption to the continuity of our service to you, but if you have any questions, or were due to meet one of our people at our offices, then I encourage you to get in touch with your team today.

See our full continuity update from our CEO, Sarah Walker-Smith here

For advice, guidance and legal support in relation to the coronavirus or any other matter; speak to your team and for more general business advice in relation to coronavirus visit our dedicated resource hub.

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