Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

New relationships can bring excitement and happiness – it also brings complexity on how to protect your wealth.

It’s often a difficult topic to approach with your partner but it’s an essential conversation to have.

We’ll provide the support, pragmatic advice and assistance you need to ensure you achieve the right outcome.

Pre and post nuptial agreements are important tools to help to protect your wealth when....

You’re getting married for the second or third time and already have children
You’re bringing significant wealth to the marriage and want to protect it or
You have inherited wealth that you would not want to share if your marriage broke down.

There is often commentary that these types of agreements are not legally binding. It’s true but increasingly wealth protection tools such as these are considered in the event of a relationship breakdown. It’s a smart move to consider these, and we’ll give you the advice which will be straightforward, sensitive and of course professional for your life ahead.

03 March 2016
Protecting wealth is a hot topic for many of our clients and being able to navigate what, how and when to approach it can be daunting… read

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