Local Authority/Central Government Disputes & Investigations

We represent local authorities, central government and businesses in disputes with these bodies. We can help in a range of matters; from straightforward contract disputes on behalf of local businesses to complex investigations undertaken by a local authority.

We understand the key pressures and political environment in which authorities work. As a result, we know the main drivers that must be achieved to reach a solution - whether that's a compensation payment from a local authority for business interruption or correcting the record for a local authority in a procurement dispute.



Our recent experience includes:

  Litigation against a local authority for loss of business, caused by the authority's decision to revoke our client's trading licence. As well as litigation, we lobbied for support within the local council for our client's position. The 'legal' option is only one tool in our client's armoury.

Undertaking an investigation for a borough council into a substantial loan given to a local business for redevelopment works, where the loan has disappeared and the redevelopment has barely started.

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