Preparing for Brexit

Global workforce mobility is a crucial issue for many businesses. It is also a key risk area given the legal and operational difficulties surrounding immigration, heightened by indications that Brexit is likely to restrict free movement.

In the face of uncertainty, businesses employing migrant labour will naturally want to be as prepared as they can be to take mitigating actions now and in the future as likely outcomes become clearer. 

EEA nationals continue to hold full Free Movement rights in the UK (and similarly British citizens in the EU) until the UK ceases to be an EU member state. But it is prudent, and not too early, to start planning for possible changes down the line.

There a number of ways in which employers can support and reassure their workforce and plan ahead to protect the business from future changes. These include training briefings for staff, analysing the workforce composition and assessing alternative immigration solutions post-Brexit. 

Where relevant, it will also involve supporting applications for registration certificates, permanent residence and British citizenship. There are strict continuous residence, English language and documentary requirements to meet in order to qualify. Our experienced immigration team, can provide valuable guidance to assess eligibility and help you reach successful outcomes.

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