Sponsoring and Hiring Migrant Workers

Often businesses in the UK require specialist skills and experience which they feel can only be found abroad, often from outside the UK or Europe. As a result, migrants from all over the world make a multi-billion pound contribution to the UK economy each year.

Whether you are seeking to sponsor foreign nationals for an intra-company transfer from your overseas branch to the UK or hiring highly skilled nationals outside the UK and European area, we are here to guide you through every necessary stage.

The first step is demonstrating there is a genuine vacancy which meets the specific, and often changing, codes of practice set by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) including satisfying the resident labour market test. The requisite robust HR monitoring procedures will also need to be in place. 

The Home Office’s points-based immigration system then requires UK employers to obtain a Tier 2 sponsor licence before employing non-EEA nationals. This licence enables the employer to apply for and issue Certificates of Sponsorship (work permits) to hire foreign nationals. A similar visa (Tier 5) allows specific types of temporary workers to enter the UK to fulfil certain activities.

Once the licence is secured, we can continue to assist with aspects such as making sure Certificates of Sponsorship are correctly assigned and maintaining compliance. 

We can help by understanding your business needs and assisting to facilitate the process to prepare and submit visa application from the overseas consulate to bring your employees to the UK to begin their employment in accordance with their start date.

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