Business Defence

What could be more concerning to a business or an individual than a criminal investigation or prosecution? We appreciate even an unmerited investigation can be stressful and damaging. Our Business Defence lawyers will provide the right advice for you or your business when you need it most.

If you have received a Court Summons or have been invited to attend an Interview Under Caution then we’ll provide the best strategy to deal with the situation.

Services for your business

We will protect the interests of your business in investigations and prosecutions involving:

Alleged breaches of competition law

Any property holdings


Environmental offence

Health and Safety offences


Illegal workers

Insolvent or fraudulent trading

Planning enforcement

Trading Standards issues

Your drivers and vehicles


Investigations and Prosecutions
We will protect your interests in relation to investigations and prosecutions involving:

Bankruptcy and Director Disqualification
Criminal allegations
Money laundering
Motoring offences
Personal tax

Corporate advisory work
We provide proactive advice to corporate clients on the following issues:

Bribery issues
Dawn raid management
Money laundering issues
Potential criminal issues that could affect your business
Review of policies and their implementation
Shareholder disputes

Private Prosecutions
If you need to bring private prosecutions against any party who commits a criminal offence, we will take care of this for you. If you believe you have been a victim of a criminal offence and would like more control and input in the prosecution of that party get in touch to find out more.

Meet the Team

We’re passionate about providing the right solutions and driven to make a positive difference in everything we do.

"We’re delighted to be at the beginning of a partnership between two teams who share the same winning spirit and focus on supporting talent to achieve their potential. Everyone here has a great sense of pride and excitement to be working with Team England – a team that, after all, reflects just how much can be achieved by a diverse and varied group of individuals all focused on one goal. We can’t wait to get started."

Joanna Thornell, Client and Markets Director, Shakespeare Martineau