With the return of business confidence, the UK and overseas marketplace is experiencing a buoyant uplift in the acquiring, merging and selling of businesses and this is unlikely to slow.

Where applicable, Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) acts to transfer the employment of workers or a service to the business being purchased. TUPE also applies to in-sourcing or out-sourcing of services. It can affect services or acquisitions of any size, monetary value no matter whether national or international in focus.

Our expertise in advising businesses on transactions puts your business on the best footing when faced with either the transfer in or transfer out of employees who are assigned to a business or service.

We’ll provide assistance to your business on the TUPE aspects of competitive tendering processes, employee due diligence in acquisitions and in providing a step-by-step guide to consulting employees in TUPE scenarios. We’re well-versed in drafting provisions in contracts that protects your business and safeguards your commercial needs.

Tupe infographic

Our no-nonsense approach provides you with practical solutions that will enable your business to focus on the commercial aspects of the transaction, whilst providing a firm message to your competitors.

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