Employment Tribunals

Should an employee raise a grievance we can advise you on how best to seek a resolution, including early conciliation, where appropriate.

The service requirement for unfair dismissal has risen to two years and, with the introduction of tribunal fees, there has been a sharp reduction in the number of cases brought. In addition, employers have early ACAS conciliation to contend with. We take all these into consideration when providing risk assessments to clients.

There have been significant changes affecting employment litigation and we work to ensure that none of our clients are kept in the dark.

In the event that proceedings are issued we will prepare your response and provide you with a clear case assessment at a very early stage which will assist you in identifying the best strategy in the circumstances.

Our team includes highly-skilled advocates who work as an extensive to your HR team. If matters get to a hearing you will know that you will be represented by someone who knows the issues involved and understands the way your business works. If circumstances require legal counsel, we look to highly regarded experts who share our ethos.

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To give your staff a full expectation of what would be expected of them if they were called to be a witness; we will train them through the process of giving evidence and make sure they fully understand what would be expected of them.

We aim to look after you every step of the way and will give you the best chance of a favourable judgment.

Latest News

15 November 2017
Following the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year to revoke employment tribunal fees, business owners in the West Midlands expect to see an increase in claims, according to new research from law firm Shakespeare Martineau. read

10 November 2017
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has agreed with the Employment Tribunal’s ruling that Uber drivers are workers, and so benefit from all associated rights. read

23 October 2017
Do employers have a claim to property in emails or the contents of emails sent by employees from the employer’s email accounts? read

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