The UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union remains the pivotal issue of our time.

Brexit will impact on every business sector in some way with far reaching consequences for our economy and society now and in the future.

It’s been a year since the UK triggered Article 50 giving notice of our plan to leave the EU and starting the clock’s countdown to agree the terms of the split on 29 March 2019.

Trade negotiations are now underway but are turbulent and progressing slowly, amplifying the uncertainty that’s existed for many months.

A year ago we reported the findings of our in-depth Brexit survey to mid-market businesses across the UK on the eve of Article 50 being triggered.

Now, with just one year to go until the Brexit deadline and the country’s departure from the EU, we’ve returned to that influential group of business leaders across the UK to capture their views and outlook on Brexit today.

Our latest report looks at what over 500 leaders of mid-market businesses tell us they are experiencing around Brexit. It also compares the sentiment of a year ago, and recommends actions businesses can take to be equipped with the best possible advantages for a post-Brexit economy.

Read our latest report here

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Our latest research delves into the views and sentiments from business leaders across the country on Brexit with just one year to go until the UK's official departure from the EU, and recommends actions businesses can take to prepare. read

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22 November 2017
Leading global law firm network Multilaw, of which Shakespeare Martineau is a member, has launched the “Brexposure” online self-assessment tool for international businesses to be able to instantly evaluate their level of risk associated with Brexit. read

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