A Will is the cornerstone of your personal financial planning. It’s crucial to have a properly drawn will.

Taking the time now, to answer the question of what would happen if, and ensure your wishes are followed, provides welcome certainty for you, avoiding distress for others at a difficult time.

Our experienced team will guide you through the issues, no matter how sensitive, providing straightforward and practical advice. We will always think creatively and suggest solutions for unusual circumstances.


So, why should you make a Will?

 Financial affairs and family relationships can be complex and by making a Will, you can make financial provision for your loved ones tailored to your own personal circumstances

You decide how your wealth is distributed after your death

You ensure that you provide properly for your spouse, civil or unmarried partner

You choose who is best placed to be the guardians of minor children

You decide who has the right skills to be appointed as your executor

You ensure that your arrangements are as tax efficient as possible


If you don’t get it right, the consequences can be problematic, and expensive. We’ll advise you on all the legal, practical, personal and business issues so you know you’ve got it right.

Let us guide you.

Latest News

11 March 2016
The Law Society has warned that unmarried couples should update their wills to ensure that if they die their partner isn’t left high and dry. read

08 March 2016
As the volume of digital assets we own continues to rise, protecting, controlling and preserving your digital legacy has never been more important. read

02 March 2016
Being an executor of a will can be a daunting prospect and knowing what is expected of you and what your responsibilities are, particularly in a period of potential heart-ache, can seem like a minefield. read

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