Deputyship Services & The Court of Protection

There are many reasons why a person may no longer be able to manage their own financial affairs or make informed decisions about their personal welfare. Old age, the onset of dementia, physical injuries and mental illness are just some of the causes.

When an individual has not made a Power of Attorney and is no longer capable of managing their own affairs the Court of Protection is responsible for making decisions for them. If there is a need for decisions to be made on an ongoing basis, the Court of Protection can appoint a Deputy.

If you find yourself in this situation we can:

Help with an application to the Court of Protection for a decision to be made;


Help with an application to appoint a deputy;


Help those acting as deputy to fulfil their duties; and


We will also take care of the applications by deputies to the Court of Protection to extend their powers so they can sell or purchase property, make gifts, carry out estate planning and ask the court to create a statutory will.

If, for example where there is no family member or friend to act, we can accept instructions to act as a professional Deputy.

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