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Same sex amrriage
  • Published:
    23 February
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Zahra Pabani comments on ruling on heterosexual civil partnerships

Commenting on the decision by the Court of Appeal to rule against allowing heterosexual couples to enter civil partnerships instead of marriage, Zahra Pabani, family lawyer, said:

“This is a disappointing ruling, which seems regressive because it means that couples are unable to choose the type of partnership they would like to form. However, it could prompt the Government to reform co-habitation law - this is where the real problem lies. Civil partnerships could also be pulled at some point in the future, as the legal rights provided to individuals by marriage and civil partnerships are effectively the same.

“The Civil Partnership Act was established to give homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, however all couples, regardless of gender, can now get married in a civil registry or a church, therefore they are all afforded the same rights - leaving the Civil Partnership Act to a certain extent pointless. 

“An overhaul of the entire system is urgently needed to ensure that couples who choose to co-habit and not get married are protected and not discriminated against.”

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