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Shakespeare Martineau Associate Promotions
  • Published:
    03 August
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    Firm news

A dozen lawyers promoted to associate at Shakespeare Martineau

The latest in a series of promotions at the firm sees 12 solicitors advance to associate level across Shakespeare Martineau’s offices.

The promotions include seven people in the Birmingham office, including Abby Halcarz, Kerry Russell and Dan Goodall from the corporate and commercial team; Alexander Price, Hannah Pickering and Mohammed Islam from the real estate division; as well as Paul White from the litigation and dispute resolution team.

Shakespeare Martineau’s training and development Academy has supported the progress of these individuals within the firm. The Academy aims to nurture existing talent as well as allowing new recruits to set out a clear path of promotion from day one.

A combination of specific role objectives, development workshops, capability targets and support available from line managers and team leaders, helps the firm’s people rise through the ranks.

Across the firm’s other offices, Sarah Hollis, Holly Mayne and Sarah Brack have been promoted in Leicester, along with Hannah Alexander, Victoria Faulkner in Stratford, as well as Afsor Ullah in London.

Jay Lutwyche, head of development at Shakespeare Martineau and based in the Birmingham office, said: “We couldn’t be prouder of our new associates as they play an integral role in ensuring our clients receive high quality legal and commercial advice, allied to exceptional service.

“By making use of the training and development programmes that the Academy has on offer, our associates have been able to refine their hard and soft skills to help propel them forward in their careers. The firm encourages anybody who wants to develop their skills to take control of their own future and do so with a supportive infrastructure around them.

“The progression of our associates is testament to their hard work and we will watch the future journey of each of them with a great deal of anticipation.”

"The dedication and commitment of Shakespeare Martineau
throughout the process helped to create, and preserve,
value for the shareholders."

Roger Crosse, Managing Director, POS Direct Ltd