What it's like here

A bright future for all our people is the essence of Shakespeare Martineau.

It’s so important we’ve included it within our Firm’s constitution:

“Our commitment is to help all our people fulfil their careers and ambitions”.

Our people are renowned for their flair and individuality.  We recruit people who have a blend of excellent technical and business skills with the talent to do things differently.

Our people are at the heart of our ambition and we want to see them thrive.  By creating an environment in which people can understand and are supported to reach their potential we’ll fulfil our commitment.

We do this in a genuinely unique way – The Shakespeare Martineau Academy.  We’ve built our Academy to enhance and promote the careers of our people equipping them with a perspective, a skillset and the time to become the very best that they can be . This is a contribution to you personally, reflecting our belief that however much we value the Firm and our teams, the more we invest in our people, the better our business will be.

Motivation, ambition and diversity are watchwords for our Firm.  Our people are united by a shared pride and confidence.  Together, and individually, we make an exceptional team.

We’ve built our business with the philosophy of providing the highest possible legal, practical and commercial expertise in order to compete with and overtake the recognised leaders in our chosen markets.

We’ll do this through ensuring we fulfil our ambition to be one firm of original thinkers, and our people are at the heart of this ambition.  If you would like to be a part of our future, we’d love you to get in touch.


"They are very professional, respond promptly, always discuss the monthly bill and have, so far, provided us with excellent advice in connection with employment issues. I have been very satisfied."

Andrew Argyle LLB, Practice Director, Potter Clarkson LLP