Intellectual Property

Our IP team has a track record of success in acting for clients across a diverse range of goods and services.

Sometimes IP rights will be a source of conflict between our clients and their competitors. We help you work out what is the most suitable solution to any given IP problem and will help to devise a strategy that supports this.

Enforcement can be expensive, but the UK IP courts have moved a long way in recent years to provide a choice of options to users that can mitigate these costs. From cost capping to limiting the extent of evidential obligations, our specialists can guide you through the options to help you make the right choice.

At other times you may be able to exploit your IP rights by putting in place suitable licensing arrangements. We have a long track record in licensing arrangements for universities and other commercial clients on the range of contractual options available to them.

We have wide experience in the protection, enforcement and exploitation of IP rights. We work on the basis that your interests are our interests.

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