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Walk to the Gold Coast

Published: 25 July 2017

We're getting a healthy overhaul

Twelve months into our companywide wellbeing initiative,‘Walk to the Gold Coast’, our people have been hard at work collectively ‘stepping’ their way to becoming a more physically active workforce. 

The initiative was implemented by our ambassador, celebrity personal trainer and ‘physical activity guru’, Professor Greg Whyte, and challenged staff to walk the equivalent distance to the Commonwealth Games 2018 host nation, Australia, and back again, totalling 20,000 miles.

Designed to empower our people to be more healthy and active in the workplace, Walk to the Gold Coast saw all team members issued with a step-monitoring activity trackers to measure the success of the challenges introduced, which also included walking the equivalent distances to Rio and Delhi. 

The initiative has had a positive impact on the entire firm, helping us to feel more energised and focused, and some team members have acquired a new-found love for health and fitness outside of the office, too, changing their lifestyles dramatically. A little bit of healthy competition between different teams and offices has also got the feet moving bit more than first thought – lawyers, competitive? Surely not!

Typically, we aren't very good at giving ourselves a pat on the back, but some people have done too well not to mention. So here goes (drum roll)… 

 Atif-before-and-after   Atif Razzaq, Partner 

Atif has managed to drop an impressive five stone through the challenge, and continues to fit in extra activity every day. He has developed a passion for keeping active and gets off the bus three stops early in order to walk 5,000 steps before he arrives at work, as well as going for walks on his lunch break, walking to the gym after work and running at night. 


 Daljit Flora, Events Manager

As our events manager, Daljit is already rushed off her feet but the initiative has helped her become fitter and healthier all around through walking. She has even adopted a puppy to join her on her outings.


Jean_Mudd   Jean Mudd, Legal Secretary

The challenge has given Jean the courage she needed to ease herself into exercise again after she was forced to become less active after being diagnosed with narrowed femoral arteries in 2013. The pain she previously suffered as a result of her condition has completely subsided and she is even working her way up to running a 5k this year.  


Neil Harbinson, Litigation Legal Assistant

Neil has managed to shed two stone after the Walk to the Gold Coast inspired him to embark on a healthier lifestyle. He takes lunchtime walks to meet his step targets and finds that the tool helps motivate him to get outside and exercise.  

Although these are just a handful of examples of how well some of the team have been doing, our wellbeing initiative is proof that encouraging the workplace to be more active can increase employee engagement, productivity and overall happiness. Even the smallest changes, like meeting a step quota every day, can make a significant difference to employees’ physical and mental wellbeing both in and out of the workplace.

Now, what are you waiting for? Join us and let us know how you’re doing.



"We’re delighted to be at the beginning of a partnership between two teams who share the same winning spirit and focus on supporting talent to achieve their potential. Everyone here has a great sense of pride and excitement to be working with Team England – a team that, after all, reflects just how much can be achieved by a diverse and varied group of individuals all focused on one goal. We can’t wait to get started."

Joanna Thornell, Client and Markets Director, Shakespeare Martineau