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Higher Education bulletin

Published: 25 April 2017
Sector: Education

Higher Education Bulletin - April 2017

Welcome to our latest Higher Education Bulletin!

In this month's edition:

The hidden menace – indirect discrimination
A reminder of the key principles of indirect discrimination following a recent Supreme Court decision

A reminder to be careful when dealing with clauses which exclude liability
A recent case which found a clause excluding liability to be reasonable despite the fact that it sought to exclude liability for death and personal injury 

Accountability for public bodies: preventing abuses of power
A discussion on the duty to give reasons for decisions with reference to two planning cases 

Focus on indirect discrimination
The Supreme Court explains that a blanket test for promotion could be considered discriminatory

"This is exactly why we like to work with people who understand the industry and can identify potential issues and create solutions."

Jon Saltinstall, Senior HealthCare Banking Consultant, Lloyds Bank